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HeroLedger MVP Completed

If you have seen our milestone for the first white paper we wrote, leveraging the Power of The Blockchain, we introduced a diagram showing how assets and payments can transact between creators. The model was simply referred to as the “Comic Asset Exchange.” We took our own advice and build HeroLedger. HeroLedger is our flagship application designed to assist illustrators, writers and graphic designers manage digital versions of their art. Comic Assets™ or what are commonly known as digital art, can be registered to Comic Chain through HeroLedger. Once registered to the application, a unique cryptographic hash will be assigned representing both the art asset and its owner. In short, a unique, secure, and immutable digital record is created. Other important data such as the current time and date, will be associated with this unique digital record during the registration process. Then two digital representations of the asset are stored in the Comic Chain ecosystem.

HeroLedger was created with independent illustrators, writers and graphic designers in mind. These artists create hundreds of unique art pieces each year. Works such as character and background environment illustrations, comic book and gaming scripts, logos and other type treatment, are just a few of the production focused works these creatives make.

Whether you are an illustrator looking for a way to more speedily sell your unused character art, or you are a small indie comic group looking for a ready-made solution you can produce in your comic or graphic novel story. Writers can have the confidence of knowing a made for television or “silver screen” script can be sold or licensed for comic book, gaming or animation treatment. Lots of combinations to buy, sell or license are at creator’s fingertips.

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