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The Rise of Rast·r

We began in 2015 with a mission to bring greater value to independent comic publishers in the global comic book industry. This incredibly large, talented and valuable market sector is not well capitalized, known or understood.

After three years gathering insights, we realized our search would take us on a fascinating journey. A journey to design and development a cloud based software ecosystem independent publishers could get behind.

  • Experience

    This team is made up of entrepreneurs, individuals who know what it’s like to start at the bottom and fight Goliath. Each with a unique story of 11th hour adversity and 12th hour victory.

  • Engagement

    Always looking forward to the next podcast, livestream or in person discussion. We are invested in going directly to our stakeholders. We believe in being a tangible and accessible part of the global community we are building.

  • Trust

    Creators need to be able to rely on teams who have their professional interest at heart. Teams working around the clock to make sense out of the creator journey.

Global User Network

Registered Account Users will have access to a global ecosystem of indie creators, Comic Assets, apps and more.

This global community is here to empower indie creators with peers and tools to support their path to production recognition and earnings. A worldwide community of like individuals with similar goals and plans. Use this opportunity to recruit your team of superhero creators and journey through the this app universe successfully!

The Rast·r Team

A innovative vision requires a team to take risks and lead the way forward. The Rast·r team is bringing the future to the creator economy today.

  • Dion Wilson

    Managing Director

    CEO and Co-Founder

  • Sam Benton

    Managing Partner

    CTO and CO-Founder

  • Vanessa Altman

    Managing Partner

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Vanessa Mora

    Managing Partner

    Chief Experience Officer

  • Ibrahim Gibbs

    Managing Partner

    IT and Network Manager