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Formed Rast·r Technologies, LLC

Our team believes the immediate digital landscape can empower independent creators to succeed in days rather than in years. Rast·r is focused on developing software solutions independent media entertainment publishers will be able to access through an application rich cloud platform. We are designing digital tools to support teams and individual creators in managing what amounts to millions of unseen, unused, and unmonetized art IP every year. Our focus is on improving creator’s peer to peer collaborations, consumer engagement, brand recognition and types of revenue they generate.

Informally, we began in 2015 with a mission to bring greater value to independent comic publishers in the global comic book industry. This incredibly large, talented and valuable market sector is not well capitalized, known or understood. After three years gathering insights, we realized our search would take us on a fascinating journey. A journey to design and development a software ecosystem independent publishers can get behind.

We have developed Comic Chain the first sovereign blockchain for the comic book industry. Our first on chain application HeroLedger has been developed as a digital B2B marketplace, creators will have the option of buying, selling or licensing their art. Indie comic publishers will be able to cut down on their production time. Merchandisers will have co-brand opportunities through available art asset licenses. While sellers will be able to register and monetize their previously unused works. Also underlying this digital space is a utility token named Arbiter, which acts as a payment, reward, and incentive mechanism. The first time in history the comic industry will have its very own exclusive set of digital tools!

The Rast·r team is made up of entrepreneurs just like you. From comics, gaming, cosplay and other essential industries, to make this magic happen. Come along on this wide adventure as we, plan develop and launch these applications just with you in mind!