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First MVP of Comic Chain Deployed

You’ve probably heard a lot over the last few years about blockchains. Words like Ethereum, the Bitcoin Blockchain and others usually standout. These systems are handling everything from financial transactions to P2P communications to software development. But at their fundamental core, blockchains are data bases. Databases are the equivalent of a digital file cabinet. They store information for us to access and use at a future date. What makes blockchains specifically unique is that they are programmed to store only data that is authorized to be in that digital cabinet. They use a programming tool called blocks to store alpha-numeric sequences which represent the full dataset and work to protect that data from any changes, especially those unwanted.

As the independent comic market creates, sells, and communicates about an artistic work that work assumes its first or next level of financial value. So who or what is responsible for maintaining a record of the details surrounding use, ownership, transfer of ownership and price of indie art? Well, up to this point, no one software program, person or company took that responsibility for the entire global network of media entertainment creators, until now. Comic Chain is a unique blockchain because it stores only authorized artistic works related to comics and other parallel media entertainment projects. This form of storage allows the owner to have a single point for attestation, inventory control; and with HeroLedger as its first integrated blockchain app, buying, selling and licensing management are also available.

Rast·r Technologies is currently designing and developing other solutions to add to Comic Chain. These integrations allow for seamless accountability and management of your art, projects and business relationships.

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