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The advent of a new universe is here...
A new landscape in digital technology for the comic book world.
Rast·r is its Emissary.


Distributed Ledger Technology

Everyday hundreds of thousands of comic assets are created. It is next to impossible for small publishers to manage, market and copyright protect their entire IP catalogue. Creators require a faster and less expensive method to manage, market and protect their works. Several solutions within Distributed Ledger Technology exist to help creators achieve these and other complex goals.

BI and Machine Learning

Business analysis and insights are virtually non- existent for small comic publishers. Like their large publishing counterparts, small publishers also require actionable insights. These insights can make the difference between greater brand recognition or obscurity.

Data as a Service

Data is currently analyzed and distributed through a few industry players. The information, providers and the analytics are opaque. Not enough people honestly know what's going on in the industry. Our DaaS solution will be the first of its kind to provide detailed insights so small publishers can make efficient business decisions.

Innovative Technology Environments

No one environment exists in the comic book industry to support small publisher’s business needs. We are developing environments where collaboration, production and distribution come together and are placed in the hands of small publishers.

Global Economy

Over 11,000 small publishers randomly distributed worldwide. Their scattered presence creates barriers to growth, partnering gaps and lost consumer opportunities. We understand the significance of the global economy and know just how to develop such a successful global model for comic creators.

The first blockchain platform developed specifically for small comic book publishers. HeroLedger is a marketplace where digital and physical assets can be transacted. It provides small publishers and individual creators direct control to license their works. HeroLedger manages transaction data, verifies ownership and registers literary and artistic works. And that’s just the basic features of the system!


  • This is going to be powerful. I can't wait!

  • ...I like organized systematic collaboration.

  • Artists work in teams... Everyone handles a task on a project, and we need an organized systematic collaboration application or software to handle these tasks... And organizes it avoiding getting lost through the tasks.. And avoiding delays...

  • ...I am doing on a one by one input basis and it is very time consuming anything that would make marketing, selling and licensing my graphic novels, toys, T-Shirts, artwork and other merchandise easier would be very valuable to me.

  • ...very interesting!


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